Scott Nychay has written two books and is writing a third.

"Drawing Strength" is an illustrative memoir that chronicles Nychay's career as a political cartoonist and the relationship with his late homeless father who became the subject of a CBS story:

With the latest economic news, this tragic tale of poverty is more relevant then ever. "Drawing Strength" touches on dysfunctional families, depression and spirituality.

The National Coalition for the Homeless recently announced a partnership for this project. "Having NCH involved means we'll be able to raise awareness for this growing epidemic," says Nychay.


"Drawing Strength" begins with an answering-machine message from the coroner's office
telling political cartoonist Scott Nychay that his homeless father, whom he has not seen
in five years, is dead.

Scott's father, William "Uncle Billy" Nychay, was a man destined for success. But after military service, he
struggled with alcoholism, and his life devolved into a tornado of destruction and death.

Scott meets his destitute father on Christmas morning at a Burger King. The cartoonist
presents him a published drawing of a homeless man.

A few weeks after his father's memorial service, Scott experiences
something strange and unexpected.

Scott discovers a church where his father slept on occasion. Deep in the basement, the cartoonist finds
the origins of his talent. Stretched over two walls is a beautiful mural painted by "Uncle Billy."

While writing "Drawing Strength," Scott hears an unfamiliar song by Sting repeating on
iTunes with lyrics that defy logic and alter the cartoonist's way of thinking forever.

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