"Anyone who has the priviledge to hear Scott speak will draw strength."
- Peter C. Ashenden
President, DBSA
Nychay illustrates how to use creativity to
cope with mental illness in his new
presentation, “Drawing Strength!”

Award-winning editorial cartoonist and author, Scott Nychay’s compelling new presentation,“Drawing Strength!” utilizes creativity and art as coping mechanisims for mental illness and in fighting its stigma.

Nychay, the recipient of over twenty honors, will discuss his personal journey with depression and sketch images about mood disorders that are often poignant, powerful and hilarious.

“Illustrating our problems can pinpoint where we are and where we would like to go,” he says.

The visual satirist will also present a collection of critically acclaimed cartoons and read an exclusive excerpt from his upcoming memoir.

In addition to “Drawing Strength!” Nychay speaks at corporations and universities about using humor as a stress managment tool.

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The Buzz
“Nychay is the real deal. A true role model for those living with depression. He shines as bright as the light over his drawing board.” 
- Gail W. Cutler - founder,
the Rebecca Lynn Cutler Legacy of Life Foundation/ Rebecca’s Dream

“Stunning pictures. Gripping, honest and profound.” 
- Dan O’Brien Mazza M.S. U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

“His speech was extremely emotional as reflected in the multiple standing ovations.” 
- Cindy Specht Vice President DBSA

“Fabulous! Thought provoking coupled with strong artwork.” 
- Illinois Press Association

“Moving and insightful. Scott’s message of art as therapy and as a route to recovery is a lesson for all.” 
Victoria Maxwell
Crazy for Life Co.

“Such depth to his story. Could be a mini movie.” 
- Depression Bipolar Support Alliance member

“What an incredible presentation. Wow!” 
- Depression Bipolar Support Alliance member
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